Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting Anew?

Oh how this blog has been on my mind. For a good long time. Not sure why. But I have felt pretty impressed to revive it and continue it for some reason. It is sad to me to realize I documented nothing for the year 2012. Such a slacker, especially considering 2012 was an eventful, tumultuous, stressful, trying, and especially faith-building year. I cannot do a full recap, nor would anyone want to read that all at once. But here are a few monumental items that will forever signify what type of year 2012 was for me. The last time I posted I alluded to something big happening right after David's graduation dinner. 2 nights after that fun filled night, I got a call from Nathan's wife at 3:30am letting us know that they were at the ER and after a series of events they had learned that there was blood on Nate's brain. Not good. We raced to the hospital and learned that my 29 yr old healthy and strong police officer brother had a brain aneurysm that had ruptured. He would be going in that morning for a craniotomy to clip the aneurysm and stop the bleed. It was probably the most emotional day of my life, and I could not believe the rock that my sister in law was that day. We all knew it was a very real possibility that Nate could die, and we knew that the bleed being in the front lobe of the brain was very bad. But as our whole family and some of nate's close friends gathered in that surgery waiting room, we definitely felt the Spirit attend. It was scary and emotional. Thankfully, he came out of the surgery as well as could have been expected. It was a miracle. It still is a miracle. The neuro surgeon warned Stacy that he could have memory loss, personality changes, loss of speech, loss of motor skills, etc. Recovery was tough, and he ended up being in the hospital for 4 weeks. Nate got bacterial meningitis TWICE, and really bad blood clots in both legs, which resulted in him being re-hospitalized for another week after he had been home for a few days. He spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. It was surreal, and nobody (doctors & nurses especially) could believe someone so young could have this happen. Today, Nate is back at work performing all of the functions of his job, and aside from his gnarly scar on the side of his head, you would never know he nearly died or had suffered a stroke/aneurysm. It is nothing short of a miracle and proof of God's hand in our life. He and Stacy are expecting their 4th baby next month, who they plan to name Nixon Douds Garrard. Dr. Douds is the neurosurgeon who saved Nate's life, and I love that little Nixon will have such a cool story to tell behind his name. So that was essentially the end of 2011, but it also encompassed all of 2012 as well. Whew. Other big happenings since I last posted: Seth RE-broke his arm after a little mishap at our ward Christmas party, bent the pins in his arm, and had to have surgery to repair it...... Seth got braces..... Kevin was laid off from his job on May 9th..... After an incredibly stressful few weeks, Kevin landed a new and even better job (hallelujah!)..... Syd attended BYU volleyball camp..... Syd tried out & made the cheer team for the 2nd year..... Kids started 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades - meaning all my children are in full-day school..... I started working part time at a dentist office..... I got my substitute teaching license and started subbing..... Shy & quiet Austin ran for student body Vice President at school and WON..... Seth had surgery to remove the pins from his arm (14 months after they were put in)..... I had to have emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst the size of a large grapefruit that decided to go nutso all of a sudden at the end of June.... I was released from being YW President, and Kevin was released from serving as Ward Clerk, and we both got put in scouts. He is the scoutmaster, and I am the den leader over the 8 yr old boys. I am also the Girls Camp Director. I will be blunt and say that I am struggling quite a bit with my calling (scouts - not girls camp). I was so sad to not be in young women anymore - it pretty much broke my heart. So cub scouts is not exactly what I would choose to be doing. I'm working on my attitude..... Sydney was selected to go with 11 other students from her school on a 5-day trip to Washington, DC. She is beyond excited, especially since she gets to attend the presidential inauguration. I am soooo jealous, but so stinkin excited for her..... Syd's spine has continued to curve, and at her last appt it measured at 32 degrees. She continues to sleep in her brace every night, and she goes back for her next checkup in February. Not sure what the future holds for her and her back, but she is a strong girl and I know she can make it through whatever the doctors decide she needs..... We had our share of ups and downs, but above all, we were so blessed. I will elaborate more later, but to be able to see exactly how Heavenly Father put things in place for us is kinda crazy and has multiplied both my faith and my gratitude beyond measure. One thing I know - Heavenly Father is so keenly aware of me & my family. I know that for sure. Now- here's to documenting 2013...

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