Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Family Birthday Party

Before I ever married into Kevin's family they started having family birthday parties - one party each month to celebrate all of the birthdays in that particular month.  Because the family is so big they started having a family 'party' to celebrate all at once that month.  The tradition has continued for as long as I have been in the family (16 years now), and is, in essence, a reason for the whole family to gather at least monthly.  The Mohler fam lives in 4 different states now, and with the newest baby due this summer the family will total 73.  So that's really the only practical way to celebrate birthdays in a family that big (and no, we do not exchange gifts).  My kids look forward to the gatherings, and with everyone's hectic schedules the parties are usually mapped out by Gary and Sheila in January for the whole year.  Sometimes it is a regular family dinner (which is usually pot luck style) with any dessert serving as the 'cake', and other times a family event will take the place of the 'birthday party' that month - maybe dinner after one of the grandkids' baptisms, a swim party, a wedding, our annual camping trip, or family reunions.  Nonetheless, Kevin's mom and dad try to make sure we all have a reason to gather at least once each month.  I am grateful, since it is a chance for my kids to play with and stay close to their cousins that live on various ends of town.  It's loud, noisy, and fun.

This last Christmas most of the grandsons got Nerf guns for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Mohler.  Kevin suggested to his mom that we should do a massive Nerf war for one of the birthday parties.  So she asked us to coordinate it, and we had the January party last weekend.  Fun fact: January has the most Mohler birthdays of any other month - NINE (I think - I could have miscounted on that).  We reserved our stake center so we would have a big enough space, and everyone brought part of the dinner.  We brought our bounce house and set it up in the corner of the gym for the kids. 
We let everyone know beforehand to label all of their guns and darts with their names, and the kids used tables and trash cans for barricades and shields.  We split into Grandma's team and Grandpa's team, and the kids (and grown ups) played, played, played.  There were hundreds of Nerf darts flying everywhere, and it was a fun afternoon for everyone.  I don't think there were any tears, which deems it a success in my book!

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chanel said...

super cool.
what a fun and UNIQUE experience to be a part of such a huge family- that actually like getting together once a month none the less. Amazing.