Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Day

Dave graduated from Massage Therapy School on October 14th. It was such a happy day, and I could not have been more proud of my brother. For years we have told Dave that he has a 'gift' when it comes to his hands and how well he can rub peoples' backs/shoulders/feet, etc... I would pretty much tell him that anytime he would walk up behind me & work out the knots in my shoulders (which, he says, are like dirt clods). So, in March our Davy Gravy decided to start the program at Nevada School of Massage Therapy to become a licensed massage therapist. He was so dedicated, and he loved it. And I LOVED being the beneficiary of him needing to practice what he was learning. :-) His graduation day came, and we were thrilled--so proud of Dave, and I was just so happy for him. It was late in the afternoon, so only me, Sarah, Stacy, Mom, and Dad were able to go to the actual ceremony... But the real celebration was planned for later that night. Dave had chosen Maggiano's for the family celebration dinner, and celebrate we did. It was so fun, and such a happy night. The only thing missing from dinner was Mike & Emily - we missed them a lot, and when Mike called during dinner I know it made him homesick... freakin school.

I consider it one of the greatest blessings in my life that I genuinely love being with my siblings. We are tight. Yes, of course I loved them when I was growing up. But now that we are grown, we have so much fun together. Anytime. Anywhere. We call each other on crap. We are straight forward, honest (sometimes brutally), and totally open with each other. Very open. I know we're not the norm. But I'm grateful for that. I'm not sure exactly what my parents' formula for this is...not sure they know either. But I love it, and hope my own kids enjoy each other just as much when they are grown. When our spouses are with us we have even more fun. They know we are crazy, and it's a lot for them to put up with. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I know I am lucky to see my brothers & sister as often as I do, and I love that.

Nate came straight to the restaurant from work (after stopping at Target to buy a shirt). I love these pictures of him & Stac being silly. I never did end up getting a normal pic of them that night.

I love love love this picture. If I could photoshop Mike & Emily in the picture and FREEZE TIME I would. Life was great. Everyone was happy, healthy, and doing well. I have thought back to this night so many times over the last 8 weeks, and wished to go back. I am more glad than ever that we did that dinner, and didn't pass up the chance to get together. I am so glad that our schedules worked out to be together. I am glad that we laughed and enjoyed each others' company. Life is so unpredictable, and I have been so thankful for that night. Because 48 hours after this picture was taken our world would get turned upside down.


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